When being is more than enough

Sometimes the best thing we can do in life is nothing at all. Standing strong in the face of the storm. Observing. Watching. Casting no judgment. No shadows. No doubt.

Letting things be.

It is not easy watching someone you love suffer, knowing you can offer nothing but support, love and gentle guidance. Even if we scream loudly into the gale, we cannot stop the wind as it smacks us across the cheeks. No, no, the wind will blow. It is the law of Nature. And when it does, we can do two things: expound upon our weakness or accept our limitations while harnessing the wind’s power for the higher good. Nature is a power that exists with or without us. There is no sense in trying to change it.

As I may have mentioned before, I am a doer. Life’s hardest lesson for me has been to learn that doing can only get you so far. A farmer can plant a seed, but he would kill his crop if he tugged at his seedlings, pushing them to grow before they are ready. With the right conditions and a bit of meteorological luck, the plants will produce the yield he intended. In time. Slow time. A time for all seasons.

Yes, we intend a lot of things in life. When bundled with expectations, we catapult ourselves into uncomfortable arrangements, howling at the darkness that enshrouds our dashed hopes.

We cannot part the fog with our arms. We cannot stop the rain with our minds. But we can fill the void with our souls.

In every interaction, no matter how big or small, we can approach life in ways only the soul knows. We can access our souls through our heart-centeredness. It may sound corny and even foreign, but I have found that a solid heart can withstand any storm. When we are rooted there, it no longer matters so much about what is swirling around us. Because love withstands everything else. It matches the force of Nature. It overcomes all barriers, all obstacles and confounding moments.

The secret, I have found, is not in the state of doing, but in the state of being in which we find ourselves at any given time.

Doing nothing can mean everything. Especially when being is more than enough.

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