Dark clouds moving

The rain pattered against the panes. It was a grey late summer day and my thoughts matched the meteorological mood.

Reflecting on the season of warmth and sunshine, I wondered now where the time had gone. Time itself is a construct we use to measure our lives, an organizing principle to ensure we get stuff done. Some days it seems to plod. Some days it races like Secretariat.

But what if everything is happening at once and we tap only into a sliver of reality? Multiple universes gyrating to their own beat, depending on our perspective and place in the world? Why, then would we race toward the next thing, knowing it is all there already?

Thoughts like these circulated my mind as I watched moisture fall from the sky.

Photo credit: Makel/Unsplash

The wind moved the arms of the tree outside my window, as if to wave a greeting of ‘hello’. I pondered about the power of Nature, the true source of our being. The leaves wiggled. And I couldn’t help but giggle on the spot.

The sky brightened, expanding the world outside my walls and lifting my spirits too. The clouds raced moodily across the rooftops. A bird landed hectically on the ledge of my neighbor’s porch.

If there is one thing I will take with me upon my departure from this journey, it is the certainty of change and the morphing puzzle pieces of the Big Picture we cannot see.

I have always wanted to see the unseen, to hear the unheard. It is there, right before me, but my blind spot – as unbudging as a wall of rocks – hinders me from taking it in. And yet. An inkling jangles the corners of my heart.

Stay. Stay. I am here. So are you.

And so I will not give up until I have seen and heard it all.

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