If you have lived on this Earth for a while, you may have experienced moments in which you felt broken. As if parts of you were floating around your own orbit in a mass of confusion. Experience may have taught you that something is inherently wrong, but you can’t seem to see what it is. And then, as human beings, we project onto ourselves that it must have something to do with us. That we indeed are those fragmented thoughts that circulate around us.

We are not our thoughts. We are not our emotions. We are not our experiences. We come into this world as whole souls and we leave it that way as well. Richer in experience. And stronger for it too. The entire point is to recognize that wholeness. It is a journey of discovery that who we are is something completely different than what we were told. Or who other people think we are.

Photo credit: Yannick Menard/Unsplash

We are social creatures, in need of community to thrive. A lone wolf? No such thing. Wolves are pack animals too. In fact, it has been found that wolves are highly cooperative beings. We learn from each other, whether we know it or not. Every interaction, every word spoken or silence felt teaches us something about ourselves.

We get into trouble when we think we are separate from everyone else. And that separation can lead to anxiety, depression and a fierce sense of loss. A supportive community is the antidote for sadness. It can bring immeasurable joy.

You are not alone, even if it may feel that way sometimes. The units you have left in your personal bank account of time are solely yours. You get to decide how you spend them. In my view, stressing about what turns out to be a fictitious belief in brokenness is not the answer. If all we believe is made up anyway, why should we choose to spend our time believing in something that hinders our highest potential?

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