The decision of a single person

Life is a constant undulation, like the ocean itself. We think of the waves as a separate part of its entirety, but my experience is of another. The waves are not only a part of the ocean. They are the ocean itself. When we see ourselves as separate from the whole, we rob ourselves of the understanding that that which is here is somehow not a part of ourselves.

We tend to see the world in terms of us and them. If we were to realize that there is no „other“, we would get along better with everyone.

As I entered the train to Holland yesterday, I began to see a throng of people living in a post-Covid world. No masks. Just laughter. And a sense that we would get somewhere, even if the train schedule was off kilter. Going with the flow, I found my way, not knowing the language, but hoping someone would help me get to where I needed to go. I approached a man on the train, fiddling with his cell phone, desperately looking for an alternative connection. Our trains had been cancelled because someone had jumped in front of a train, ending his life. The decision of a single desperate person impacted thousands. I am sad for his decision, which was the ultimate one we can make in this life.

Den Haag, Holland

For him, it was shortly before 5 pm.

We all have a choice about how we live our lives. Our personal bank account of time is limited. And in some cases, we choose to determine when we wish to drain the account in a moment of desperation.

Mental health is critically important. It impacts an entire universe, when not properly treated. My wish for this world is that we begin to see each other, each cosmos that we represent, as a fully valid place to embrace existence.

Before then, we will continue to live in the „I“ and „You“. We are not that. We are we.

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