The Joy Choice

No matter what is swirling about you and the squeeze you feel from it- train strikes, illness, pending surgeries or demanding clients — there is always room for joy. In fact, I have found when I make the conscious choice for joy over suffering that […]

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The Resistance

Pedaling a bicycle with the brakes on is exhausting. The harder you try, the more you sweat. But despite all that effort, you don’t seem to be getting anywhere — fast. Have you ever noticed how pervasive resistance is? It is literally everywhere. We combat traffic, […]

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The Reason

Why is a child’s favorite word. Why do birds fly? Why does the rain fall? Why? Why. Why… We never stop asking ourselves that question. Later, as life progresses, we ask ourselves “Why me? Why now? Why not?” We are the reason seekers. We look […]

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