Peter Pamela Rose On Awareness, Acceptance and Action

Peter Pamela Rose and I ‘met’ online a while back. She is a Master Life and Career Coach, a so-called ‘Chiropractor of the Mind’. Below she offers her insights about awareness, acceptance and action. Enjoy!

“Oh, those three little powerful words have helped me in some real tough spots. If I find myself in a bind of any kind I refer to this powerful slogan.

First, I become AWARE of the pattern within me that has inner-voicecreated this situation; for I know that if I am not part of the problem there is no solution. Then, I ACCEPT the responsibility for that pattern.

Responsibility means the ability to respond and I take that with me as I move into ACTION. It is crucial that I do not react to awareness, but rather respond to it after the process of acceptance. It is only then that I can ensure that I can take actions that are healthy for me as opposed to actions that are not healthy for me.

The tool of AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE, ACTION can also lead me to the choice of doing absolutely nothing. I may just need to be silently aware that I am upset about a particular person, place, thing or situation and accept that nothing happens in the Universe’s world happens by mistake.  My next course of action is to patiently wait for guidance as to what my next step is to be. This “doing nothing” is extremely powerful for it is then that we acknowledge that we are not in control and that we are being guided – it is then that our faith is solidified.”

Doing nothing might be the hardest for you, but it is the best way to capture the power of slow as you move towards a stronger internal dialogue. Let the still voice within be your guide. When you do, your actions will automatically come in alignment with your true life’s purpose! Thanks, Peter!

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