The Reason

Why is a child’s favorite word. Why do birds fly? Why does the rain fall? Why? Why. Why…

We never stop asking ourselves that question. Later, as life progresses, we ask ourselves “Why me? Why now? Why not?”

We are the reason seekers. We look for reasons why things happen as they do. Or why they don’t happen at all.

When we stop asking why, that’s when the fun really begins. Because the truth is not all reasons reveal themselves in the way in which we can see them ~ at first. ¬†We often lose sight, in our own reasoning, as to the real reason life turns out as it does.

But do you want to know a secret? Your life, as it is, is exactly where you are supposed to be. Believe it or not there is a plan.

If we were to embrace acceptance that the Universe has the reasons in its trustworthy hands, we would be better off. We’d be happier. We’d no longer feel the need to control outcomes. We could bathe in the beauty that is life’s mystery.

Because in reality we have very little control over things anyway. Take action? Yes. Accept what happens thereafter? Definitely.

The confluence of our life’s events unfurl like sails, yet we often fight against the wind, as if we were stronger than Nature itself.

We are not.

What looks like a bad thing, such as disappointment for not getting what we want, is actually a necessary step in our path of life. We often skew our vision, wishing things were different. But what if the Universe listened to our every demand? Where would we end up?

We would verge from the path down a forsaken road. Life would be completely in our hands ~ and I have a feeling we wouldn’t be happier for it.

So the next time you experience an unexpected turn, be thankful, then stop, look and listen. The reason will show itself in good time.

And you will no longer have to ask the question: “Why?”

With trust in your heart that everything unfolds as it is meant to, you will be free ~ free from the sadness that holds your heart hostage.

The Why of things is the Universe’s business. Our job is to deal with it the best we can, with faith that our imagined destiny pales in comparison to our truest purpose for being here.


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