Slow en Espagnol

In a few hours we’re boarding a plane to Barcelona. The late-summer sun has kissed our skin good-bye as we enter the warmer climes of the Spanish coastline. My sister and brother-in-law are making happy suitcase zippering noises, a reminder of adventure and good food […]

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Family Vacation

Air travel leaves me with a blend of thrill and fear. There’s something remarkably impossible about lifting people into the sky for a few hours, only to land safely on the other side of the world. When packing, I usually reach a point where I […]

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Space Clearing

Whether we carry our baggage inside or out, we all have our own load to bear. My ten year-old daughter’s room is no different. Her biggest issue is The Paper Plague. She starts projects, usually stops mid-page, then stuffs it in a drawer, on a surface […]

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The Stressless Way to Eat

My fork sliced the pork tenderloin so poetically on Saturday I almost wept. In honor of spring, we selected a few recipes that had been buried in the back of our long-forgotten cookbook: pork tenderloin in mango sauce. I dashed (slowly) to the local butcher shop […]

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