Desiderata Days ~ Self-Love

In the time of self-loathing, we are due for some serious self-love. We are enough ~ we are more than enough!

Max Ehrmann says:

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

Oftentimes we feel we have to do everything at once ~ be svelt, lovely, sparkly, efficient, joyful, reliable, punctual…the list goes on and on. Celebrate your life with kindness for yourself. When you are gentle to yourself, others will gravitate to you. Remember to let them in as you see fit and on your terms. Part of self-love is honoring your boundaries as you honor yourself.



  1. I’m wondering if that’s easier in some regions than others–for example, here in the Midwest, where we’re taught to avoid the personal pronoun at every turn so people don’t say sotto voce, “Well! He certainly thinks a lot of HIMself!” While I agree with the lesson it took me most of a half-century to learn, I would love your thoughts on that.

    1. Great question! Self-love does not mean you can’t be humble. It means you are centered and aware of where your person ends and another begins. In truth we are all One, but for those who grapple with that concept, just know that you are as important as the people you serve. Make sense?

    1. Thank you for your input, Coreen! It is so important for the nurturers to nurture themselves, too! I dedicated a whole interview to that topic. You can hear it by clicking here.


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