Deborah King’s Letter to Oprah

I used to work as a PR consultant for Deborah King, author of Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You. She recently published an open letter to Oprah Winfrey, addressing Oprah’s weight challenges and Deborah’s beliefs about its underlying causes.

I was moved by Deborah’s courage and also by Oprah’s shame. With her truth-healspermission, I will quote what Deborah says about balance:

“”You speak of balance in O magazine, and external balance between work and the rest of our lives is important, no doubt. But, first and foremost, the balance of our own energy field is vital if we are to be healthy and happy.”

Looking at the underlying causes of our choices is immensely important. Deborah herself has dealt effectively with her own addictions, stemming from childhood trauma, as Oprah’s food addiction does, too.

What does this have to do with The Power of Slow?


It is about our choices. Whether we choose to address dark issues or choose to ignore them, everything we do has an impact.

Everyone has issues and challenges. The question is what will you do with them? I find myself dealing with thirty-year-old issues that are resurfacing as I watch my daughter go through similar things. It is amazing how children won’t allow your soul to slumber.

I embrace people who find the courage to face their shadows and who do good for others in the process. Blessings upon you all whose pain lurks just beneath your skin. You are not alone. And never will be.

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