The Winter of Rest

Oh rest ye merry gentlemen…

Our house is bursting with holiday cheer. The naked Christmas tree is about to be adorned with every bulb we’ve ever owned , not to mention all the holiday trinkets my mom has managed to send us over the years.

Voluntarily, I slid in the Kids Pop Holiday CD on my way to pick up my daughter who happened to miss the school bus home. Jet out in the snow to the place I had just returned because said daughter went into the school house to warm up when the bus was late, then missed it altogether?


Christmas time is near after all. And while ye merry gentlemen get to rest, I get to drive in a half-blizzard to gather the neighborhood kids (along with mine) because I’m just that kind of gal.

For the first time in my life I have come to appreciate winter time. What better way to slow down than encase the Earth in ice? You can’t drive fast. In fact, sometimes all you can do is sit by the fire and read, snuggled up on the couch.

It has just now gotten cold. The snow adds to the cheer of the season. Cold out. Warm within. You’ve just got to love it.

So while we toss the tinsel and hum a merry tune, I’ll be thinking how nice it feels to rest like the trees, sucking in their sap until March when the warmth of the sun returns to replenish our supply of verdant vibrance.

Have a slow holiday. You deserve it!

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  1. Suzanne

    December 21, 2009 at 3:55 pm

    So true, so true. We just got 27 inches in Virginia necessitating everyone slow down (for once). I do believe people are happier. When we were outside shoveling (for 3 hours), we had several neighbors (most of whom we didn’t even know after 5 yrs of living here) stop to talk. Imagine that? Actually talking to neighbors. Albeit all the talk was about The Snow. But, hey, we weren’t in any hurry to change the subject. 🙂

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