Breathe the fresh, slow air

Wendy Thomas of Simple Thrift said The Power of Slow is “like a breath of fresh air, reminding us that it is sometimes okay to just sit back and relax.”

So when I got the call that my daughter had a tooth ache (read: anticipating 2:45 pm dentist appointment to evaluate baby tooth situation as adult tooth overlaps it…), I knew I might have a monkey wrench hurling into my otherwise placid day.

Kids, if anything, teach us flexibility.

My kids have taught me the power of slow on top of that. I took a slow, deep breath, called the school secretary and said I’d be there no sooner than 11 am to pick her up. I then went about my morning as planned. Because my daughter only has school until 12:30 pm (whoever made up the German school system based it on the belief that all mothers have time as of, oh, noon, to take on their kids again), it was no big deal. That her last two classes were cancelled, too, landed her in a place of No Biggie. She literally missed nothing when I picked her up. And neither did I. Except for maybe the solace that comes with having the house to yourself.

Wendy Thomas’ loving statement of my book, The Power of Slow, being a refreshing bit of reprieve only strengthens my belief that life unfolds as it should, even when we’re having adult-sized tantrums that things are not running according to ‘plan’.

I’m breathing the fresh, slow air. Are you?

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