Empty Your Emotional Closet

In an act of decluttering I stumbled upon the most marvelous book that I had bought in an epiphanic moment. Reboot Your Life is the title. And it talks about taking a sabbatical from your life to recharge it. Think of the book Eat, Pray, Love for the older crowd.

Today I flipped to a page that talks about emptying your emotional closet. If you’ve been on the hamster wheel most of your life and are nearing middle age, you might really resonate with the idea.

We stuff things down into ourselves as we would a storage closet. Instead of broken tennis rackets or cob-webby corners, our emotional closet houses all those feelings we didn’t take time to address. We placed them on a dusty shelf ‘for another day’. All in the name of being ‘adult-like’ and mature. But the fact is what really happens when we do that is we go numb. We forget how to feel…anything.

So when we finally jump off that hamster wheel for a respite, we are forced to address issues long-forgotten. Which is why most of us hit the ground running and never stop for fear that those issues will haunt us to the grave.

“For years I kept stuffing feelings and emotions into my emotional closet,” one interviewee confessed. “I kept adding and adding things, and then one day the closet door just wouldn’t shut anymore.”


Been there.

Done that.

Have the t-shirt to prove it.

The Power of Slow can help you take your life one item at a time. Personal evolution doesn’t happen in one day. It too takes time. So be gentle with yourself as you cull through that emotional closet. Take one feeling at a time. Be kind to your inner hurts. They need to be heard so listen to them. Surround yourself with people who love you. Laugh. A lot.

When you’ve offloaded some of that emotional baggage, the light will stream into the darkest places of yourself and feed you exactly what you need to heal.

You have got to make room for the good stuff. It’s the only way it will come to you.  I’ll be there to cheer you on as you clear the space inside yourself to personal freedom.

Who knows? Maybe we can dance inside our closets together once they’re clear!


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