Every one of us has felt barriers. We step into a predetermined system the moment we enter this world. We are shaped by our parents, our siblings, our education and our environment. We learn right from wrong. We rebel against a lot of it when we are teens, then slid into acceptance as we conform to make a living, make a life, make sense of all that we have learned.

Life offers us ample opportunities to bump against what we believe is true. We get challenged by circumstances. Some of us resign to it all, allowing external rules to dictate our days. We call this phenomenon “playing the game” or “playing it safe”. We sell our souls to ensure we survive.

But is mere survival really enough?

When we buck the rules, we challenge everything we have ever considered true. Those rules were put in place to help us, right? Honor the rules and we’ll ensure our membership inside the city walls. Step outside what’s considered “normal” and we will face certain death.

At least that is what we think.

It’s a mind game, actually. Most of the time we carry around a cadre of regulations we name reality, only to discover it’s a reality we inherited instead of one we made ourselves.

It is terrifying to move beyond those boundaries so carefully drawn to keep us all in line. We think we will perish if we place even one foot outside the cage society has issued us.

But I bet you that anyone reading this has felt the tingle of the forbidden, that thing we yearn for, that dream we wish to live, if only all the stars were aligned. So we wait until “the moment is right”. We wait patiently for a sign to tell us it is okay to feel as we do.

But that sign never comes. Because our eyes are set on the outside, the very space that has a vested interest in keeping us right where we are. We are prisoners of our own minds.

The answer to our collective dilemma resides within. We were born with an innate understanding that gets carefully deconstructed in the name of fitting in. While undergoing that pursuit of conformity, we lose that intrinsic knowledge that, if kept, would set us free.

Go to that forbidden place within yourself. Look at those thoughts, feelings, urges. Question why you have held yourself back from living that truth and you will find that the jailkeeper holding the key is you.



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