Naps Rule!

Every 90 minutes a new need for Slow is born. That is, according to recent research that states our adult minds work optimally for an hour and one-half, then we need a break. A quick nap, says University of California at Riverside professor Sara Mednick, can be as effective as eight-hours of sleep at night.

In a New York Times article by Tony Schwartz, he hails the virtues of companies that offer napping pods after the 90 minute slump sets in. Instead of encouraging workers with coffee and donuts, some organizations are ushering workers to their nap rugs for some R&R.

It’s like that for me. I can sit down for 90 minute stints and work in a very concentrated manner. But then my focus flags as I start to wander to Facebook, Skype or my inbox.

That’s why it is important to eliminate distraction so we can harness that 90-minute window of concentration. And if all else fails, rest your eyes for ten minutes. In this case, if you don’t snooze, you will lose!

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