What Lies Within Us

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Throughout the years since I first pondered the Slow Movement, I have learned there is one fundamental thing lacking from the entire discussion. We speak of Slow as if it is something to be had, while in fact it is something to be experienced. While I make the case clearly in The Power of Slow that every bit of our lives is based on choice, it is also based on something else that I failed to mention.

True Space Lula Frnt Cov no bleedThe basic requirement for making any choice is to first make a space within yourself to make that decision. If you don’t have room to breathe, you won’t have room to decide. Instead, you will crush yourself with the biggest mind game imaginable. You will get lost in your own thoughts, entering the eternal circle of ideas without being able to find your way out of the jungle of massive interpretation about your reality.

So, before you go down that road of confusion, it is best to start from a place of clarity. For that, you need to find your True Space.

And because I love you readers so, I have designed an eBook to help you find that space within yourselves. Think of it as spring cleaning for the soul.

Introducing True Space: Finding the Pathway to Your Inner Self.

The premise of the book is that your spirit is the source of every answer you ever seek. It requires stillness, Slow, and a listening you may not have ever experienced before. Finding your True Space will liberate you from the morass of your own expectations. It will center you, make you more productive and, ultimately, happier.

Download your copy. Then let’s chat. It will take time, but that’s something we all have, don’t we?

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