Hope Never Dies

Spring’s first day is a treasured one in my heart. It is the promise of renewal, of new beginnings, of the ending of winter and of the coming of Nature’s bountiful hues.

spring's hopeOn the heels of winter’s silence comes the orchestra of the song bird, reminding us that things are always evolving in the cycle of life.

Hope springs eternal. Spring is hope.

As a consumate optimist, I see the possibility in all things. So even underneath the blanket of snow that covered our ground for nearly five months with little reprieve, I knew the Earth was waiting in all its juiciness for today: the first day of Spring. It was gestating, pondering about what new creations would spring forth from itself, helping those bulbs along, offering nourishment, rest and perfect timing.

All good things come in good time.

For an optimist like me, hope never dies. It just sometimes changes form ~ like the seasons and the goodness that each one brings.


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