This is just the beginning

The night air stuck to my skin as I wandered the music festival grounds. Klaus and I had just met face to face for the first time after a brief Facebook exchange earlier that spring. I had recently come to Freiburg, shattered from an old […]

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The Bud Before the Bloom

The light hit my face with an intensity I hadn’t felt in months as the sky filled the world with a new kind of preciousness. Spring had finally come. Do you know the feeling that you are about to burst with something completely new, utterly […]

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The Dance of Desire

Over a year ago I wrote about desire versus craving. We all desire things. Sometimes we crave them too. The difference between desire and craving is subtle, but true. Desire is an expression of longing. Craving is an expression of neediness. Dancing in the delight […]

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Hope Never Dies

Spring’s first day is a treasured one in my heart. It is the promise of renewal, of new beginnings, of the ending of winter and of the coming of Nature’s bountiful hues. On the heels of winter’s silence comes the orchestra of the song bird, […]

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Life On Purpose

The transcience of life is never more apparent to me than when I learn of someone’s passing. Whether at their own hand (news which I have heard far too often lately) or at the hand of Fate, death is a reminder that our personal bank […]

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