The Art of Mindful Space Management

If your energy is flagging, take a look at your surroundings. Your exterior reflects your interior. If you have piles of junk stacked high around your workspace, you could equate the energy it is siphoning off of you with a two-ton elephant doing the same.

Yeah, it’s that heavy.

Stuff carries energy like a balloon carries air. Only stuff isn’t light like a balloon. It weighs a lot.

Size doesn’t matter. Sometimes it’s the meaning. Consider dust, for instance. We had a thick layer of it in our wintergarden. Dust reflects neglect. Until we removed all the dust, the house felt enshrouded in funk. Now the air is somehow lighter.

The more meaningless the stuff, the heavier it is. What about that pile of books you are never going to read? Or the stack of papers on top of your desk? Or how about that box of you-don’t-know-what that’s been sitting in the corner for five years?

It’s time to tackle them, one dump at a time.

For eight years we have had a bunny hutch that has stood, unused, on our porch. We took it to the dump this weekend. Right before we flailed it into the dumpster, I said a prayer of thanks for it safely housing our animals for one season. And a prayer of thanks to the dumpster for taking it away after seven and one-half years of standing useless in our space.

It makes a big difference when you clear away the detritus. The world seems brighter. And your energy field is clearer.

Liberate yourself from the energy vampires in your life. Gathering more stuff won’t set you free. Releasing it will.

Want to know the Story of Stuff? It might just be the best twenty minutes you’ll spend all day.


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