Soul Time

“The soul doesn’t wear a watch,” yoga expert and HuffPost blogger Ashley Turner recently wrote.

Having undergone severe heartache last year, she took time off to reflect, go inward and heal from her loss while eliminating any extraneous input from the outside world.

She reminds me of myself.

A year ago I stopped watching TV. I rarely listen to the radio. I am careful with whom I spend time. After reading about Ashley’s own experience, I realized it was my soul, ripped wide open, that needed a special kind of time, but not the conceptual type of time embedded in Chronos, that linear, 12 0’clock, 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock narrow understanding of time “marching on”. Chronos is an external mechanism that dictates our days, if we let it.

The soul, on the other hand, operates in Chairos, “a time of transcendence, time of the Soul, right-brained — when something magical happens”, Ashley writes. It is the place of no expectations, of silence and of extraordinary love. No wonder I couldn’t force a faster result as my soul limped along. It cried out in so many ways that I ignored until it got so loud, I had to screech to a halt and step outside time altogether.

That’s when the healing process began.

Have you ever stepped out of time? Maybe you stopped looking at your watch so much, or you entered a state of flow in which you leave a conscious state of temporality for a little while as you exercise your creative muscle. Or perhaps you fell in love and that dopamine-enriched state left you breathless, speechless, and yes, timeless. It could even be that you fell out of love, or someone fell out of love with you, and your soul need to extract itself from the mess of it all.

That can take a whole lot of Chairos indeed.

Life presents us with many opportunities to dance between these two concepts of time. We mustn’t ever forget that Chairos exists too. The Power of Slow resides there the most as we honor our process and our pace to the end of our days.

May you take a moment to bathe in the beauty of soul time today. It is my wish for you.

It really is.

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