The Third Eye

Something strange has happened. I see things. Then they come true.

It’s spooky, really. Usually those messages come in the form of words or pictures, sometimes in the form of sound. I get a sensation, stop, listen, and have an overwhelming feeling about what’s going to happen next.

It freaked my daughter out as she excitedly tried to have me guess what grade she got on a recent science test.

“Guess, Mom. Go ahead. You never will!”

I did.

She seemed disappointed, like someone had taken the wind from her sails. I didn’t mean to. It’s just that saw it in my mind’s eye, that Third Eye we all have that sees things as clear as day if we choose to look.

The Third Eye is the organ that sees the Big Picture. It’s the one that pays no attention to the daily dramas that cloud our vision. It is the one that gets down to business when everyone else is at a loss as to what to do.

It is the one that simply knows.

I swear the Third Eye has magic powers! Sometimes I will get waves of knowingness, a warm feeling that washes over me. That’s usually when someone I love is about to reach out to me.

Or I’ll suddenly feel really confident; then fortune comes my way in the form of a new client,an unexpected check in the mail, or even a free lunch.

On some days, I wake up with an unshakable feeling that something amazing is going to happen.

And guess what?

It does.

We may all be fortune tellers of our own making if we choose to live life in the space of possibility. If we think dark thoughts, rain clouds come, even when the sun is shining. A lot of it is attitude, but it is also about attunement to your inner voice that speaks when you take the time to listen. It’s about looking through the lens of your Third Eye so you can truly see.

You may think you can live without the Third Eye, but you are mistaken. It really is the basis of the life we areĀ  meant to lead.

And that glorious life, my dear heart, starts with you.


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