The Law of Attraction

If you have ever been to Venice, you know that it is one of the most beautiful, crowded, tourist-infested cities in the world. It has so many bridges and narrow passageways that you simply have to let go of any expectation that you’ll ever find the same place twice.

Foto-5It is also extraordinarily expensive. So my budget-conscious travelling companion and I decided we’d simply manifest the perfect place for dinner by making a request of the Universe.

It had to have outdoor seating, away from the suffocating foot traffic. It had to offer a good meal, but under a certain price. And the wait staff needed to be really friendly (we had met several who were not).

Within thirty minutes we had found the perfect place. It even had free WiFi!

Throughout our four-day journey, we continued to manifest experiences that we wanted to have, learning from each of them and experiencing the pure joy of being one with the Universe.

It was marvelous.

If you truly want something, define what it is. Don’t be shy. Remove doubt. Go for it whole hog.

You have to be clear and specific. When you are, you will be surprised about what, and who, will show up to take care of things for you.

At another place we wanted seafood. We opted for some on our pizza. But the waiter was reluctant to serve it because, in his words, it wasn’t good for him. A French couple at a neighboring table ordered a huge pan of seafood on a bed of spaghetti. After thirty minutes, our food still hadn’t arrived so they offered us the rest of theirs!

The Law of Attraction at work.

It helped that we spoke French with them. At least, they understood what we said. And they were kind, even if the waiter wasn’t.

On the final night, we approached a restaurant that we just knew would give us the dining experience we were looking for. The waiter spoke incredibly good German, which was astounding.

It turns out he lived in Freiburg for 17 years. I’m moving there this summer.

He is the third person I’ve met in recent months who is in love with the place where I am about to live.

It is a sign. It’s the law of attraction, and all the Universal goodness that is supporting our path as we continue this journey called Life.

Open yourself up to gratitude. Declare that your life will be amazing. How could it not be, my dear friends? You are in it!


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