Do you believe in the power of goodness?

Do you believe in the mysteries of the Universe?

Do you believe something amazing is about to happen?

Belief is the bedrock of our existence.

When we lose our faith in someone or something, we get deflated. It’s discouraging, disappointing, despairing. We start to question everything, including our own ability to assess situations or circumstances. We are plagued with doubt, that killer of dreams that shakes the very foundation of our belief system. Doubt destabilizes us. It weakens us. It can even kill us.

We all need to believe in something. It’s what gives our lives meaning. Whether it is a higher power that you call God, the Universe or something else, we need to feel connected to All That Is.

When that tie is broken, we are lost. Shattered. Completely unhinged.

If you are toddling along the precipice right now, you are not alone. We all totter at times.

There is truth in this English proverb:

“A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.”

Everyone experiences challenges in life. It is what makes us amazingly resilient. Let’s face it. It’s also what makes life so interesting. Nurturing a belief in yourself is a great insurance policy when you get to those bumps in the road. Or those tidal waves in the ocean.

We are all connected through a common human experience. If you are feeling disconnected, reach out to someone. It doesn’t matter if it is a stranger or a friend. Show love. It will come back to you a thousandfold.

If you live with great expectancy that magic is in the air, guess what? It will be. You can create whatever you want.

You really can.

Through it all, remember to breathe.

And oh yes! Believe!


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