Going to the Light

Miracles can only be seen in the light. If we are enshrouded by darkness, we only “see” our thoughts. But when our eyes are widened by the light, we take in so much more.

According to A Course in Miracles, “[d]enial of light leads to failure to perceive it. Failure to perceive light is to perceive darkness. The light is useless to you then, even though it is there…and the seeming reality of the darkness makes the idea of light meaningless.” (page 156)

In other words, we are sometimes blinded by our view of things, even when miracles surround us.

How will you know this to be true?

Try this experiment. Look for miracles. Seek them out. Shift your thinking from “There is no such thing as…” to “It is possible that…” Remove doubt from your mind as you entertain the idea that things are different than they seem.

Be the source of your own miracles. Open up. Say “yes” when you’d normally say “no”. Smile at people. Open your heart. Speak your truth. Be real.

Then notice how so-called coincidences, or synchronicities, start to happen. As your energy shifts, so does your fate.

We receive back the very energy we cast out into the world. Miracle energy is soft, unassuming, beautiful. It resides in the deepest part of ourselves where our inner knowing is also housed. It is patient, kind, loving. In fact, miracle energy is love.

And we could all use a lot more love in our lives, couldn’t we?

It takes courage to trust in miracles because you will need that strength when there is no external evidence that your miracle will occur. And sometimes miracles come in disguise in the form of something completely different. But it is a miracle just the same, perhaps by a different name.

Encourage miracles to enter your life by showing gratitude. Gratitude is the grease of your miracle engine.

Take time to listen in on your miracle network. It is there. Go to the light and you will see it more clearly. And watch as the exact people you need show up to join you too. That, in and of itself, is miraculous.

And when your life starts to become one big miracle, share your story with others so they can start to invite wonder into their lives as well.

Imagine a world of miracle believers. I think it’s possible. I really do.

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