Shadow Dancing

The autumnal equinox is the representation of equal light and darkness. In other words, the day is as long as the night.

Dancing with the Freiburg sun
Dancing with the Freiburg sun

We get that kind of balance twice a year. Once in March, then again in September. It is when the earth’s equator passes the center of the sun. On either side of it, imbalance occurs. We either get more light than darkness or more darkness than light.

We are sliding into the darker days in the Northern Hemisphere now. It is always bittersweet for me as I say goodbye to the sun.

Truth be told, the sun is never really gone. We Northern Lights are just taking a ride away from it for a spell.

Indian summer is upon us now ~ that last teasing flash of heat before the grey enshrouds us.

But never fear. We can dance in the shadows as the Earth lays itself to rest. It is a never-ending cycle of Nature that reminds us every season has a reason and that cold is as much a part of life as warmth.

Cuddle closer to the ones you love. And never, ever forget to dance.



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