The Universal Law of Flow

Sometimes you have to say “no” to get to “yes”.

Over the past few months I have met many people at a crossroads in their lives. They know where they are isn’t where they want to be. They have a vague sense that there is more to life than “this”, but it isn’t obvious how to get there.

If you have ever felt like you are pushing against an invisible wall, you are. You are resisting your current state completely.

Resistance brings on more of the same. Rather than changing your situation, you add to the strength of that wall by compacting it. Your pushing actually reinforces its existence. Add your own brand of self-bashing judgementalism and you’ve got a recipe for “stuck” like nobody else.

The first step toward liberation is accepting where you are. Instead of hating the place you are in, love it. Embrace it. Honor the space. The key to moving forward is really seeing where you are in the moment with all the love you can muster. From that place you can move forward.

But only if you practice acceptance. When you accept your current situation, you are guided by the Universal Law of Flow.

Flow is delicious. It is that state of timelessness that raises your awareness to a new level. It is the space in which you get to be who you are without thought or judgement. In essence, it is a place of deep and ever-lasting love.

Acceptance does not mean resignation. But you can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t fully acknowledge where you are. It takes some courage to look closely at yourself. After all, you are the person who got you there.

Taking personal responsibility for what you create in life is incredibly empowering, once you get over the habit of pointing the finger the other way. In truth, no one else, not even your parents, is responsible for where you are as an adult. They have influence, but they aren’t the ones living your life.

You are.

And that brings me to the “no” cum “yes” evolution. Sometimes you have to say “no” to people, things or circumstances to make that change. If you want something better in your life, you have to take a different route – and that involves trusting in yourself that the choices you make are the right ones.

You literally can expect a different result when you do things in a different way. But if you continue with more of the same, that’s what you’ll get too.

Either way, it is up to you. If you believe in yourself and truly listen to your heart’s calling, you will find the answers to every question from within. And, as if by magic, that change you so desired will be yours with the utmost of ease and grace.

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