The Clairvoyant Powers of Intuition

The future comes to me in words, numbers and snippets of events I can predict. It’s not like I can guess the winning lottery combination or say who will be the next prime minister. It has more to do with every day life and the things that will occur in it.

When this first started happening, I didn’t dare tell anyone for fear I might jinx it and turn the truth into a dream. But more often than not, what I saw really came true.

The more closely I paid attention to the information I received, the louder and more frequent it would come.

Sometimes I would hear words like “love” and “trust” and “you will see”. I even once heard the number “18.6 million”. Frustrated that I couldn’t understand the message, I would try to interpret it in a way that I thought was in my favor.

That’s perhaps the greatest lesson of all when your intuition starts to speak. It doesn’t always turn out the way your ego wants it to go. Subconsciously —  that is, beyond the ego — you actually do know more than you think you do. Because you aren’t actually thinking it. You are knowing it.

And that subconscious place stems from the very heart of your being. It is the omniscient space in yourself in which your intuition resides.

Anyone can tap into their intuition, but it takes practice for those less familiar with that part of themselves. As with myself, you may find your ego butting in, trying to muddy up what you see to suit its own needs. The ego is a tricky thing. It’s the fearful part of ourselves, like an overprotective parent, who truly wants our best, but can’t seem to let go.

Today I will often get messages as I am speaking with a friend, seemingly out of the blue. I now tell them what I see.

You need love and trust to feed your intuition. Direct love to yourself as well as to others. Trust them and yourself. And remember that fear is the ego’s attempt to take love’s place.

It never can. Love is stronger and wins every time.

Let your intuition be your guide. The more you listen, the more you’ll hear. And see. And be.



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