The Era of Restoration

The restorative powers of sleep are not to be underestimated. We all need rest. If we don’t get it, we shorten our lives, and the quality of it, considerably.

The Earth’s response to the colder nights can serve as a reminder to us all about the need to slow down at times.

The trees speak the language of Slow. As their leaves become a golden blaze, we are witness to the trees’ slow turn inward. Late fall and early winter are times of fully releasing the fertility of summer. The trees give off their final sigh and day turns to night.

It is an era of restoration, hibernation and introspection. I have learned to appreciate the slower ways of the cold. It may never be my favorite time of year, but it is an instructive one just the same.

If you are in need of restoration, sleep, dear one. It will renew your soul and awaken your spirit. Glide on the plane of dreams. Find solace there.

For tomorrow, and the promise held within it, will always come. All in good time.

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