The Universe is Like a Supermarket

The door to creativity swings wide open when you make space for it. In fact, anything you have ever desired is just waiting for you to create the room for it to enter.

Sometimes we forget where the key to that door is. Although it resides in our truest selves, we tend to ignore that deep, intrinsic part of our being, which, when abandoned, wilts like a dying flower in the sand. Drowning in information, obligation and frustration, we tend to lose ourselves along the way if our focus is on how we think we should be. We build walls of ‘shoulds’ and ‘have-tos’, lying to ourselves and others about what is real.

Universal law states that what we think is what is so.

Let’s look at an example.

If you are searching high and low for something and are convinced that it is lost forever, what are the chances that you will actually see it? The desperation and fear we feel about having lost that thing block us from actually finding it again.

But, have you ever noticed how things resurface after you have let go of your attachment to it? I have a travelling necklace that is so powerful it sometimes does a deep dive into oblivion, coming up for air once again when I need it most.  My best friend has the same issue with hers. We have learned to accept its ways and wisdom.

Want to know a secret? We never really lose anything anyway. It merely changes form in time and space.

You can actually call things into being by merely shifting your perspective on something.

We’ve all experienced a moment in time when we’ll be thinking about someone and he or she will suddenly appear or call. That’s our internal GPS drawing us together with the person we need to meet. It’s cool when it happens because it reminds us about how much intelligence we really have within us.

The Universe is like a supermarket. Find the right aisle and fill your cart with what you need.

The key to its entrance –which goes through each of us — is merely having the eyes to see.



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