The Good Life — Right Where You Are

Owning a restaurant is more than a full-time occupation. It’s a life decision. It consumes every aspect of your schedule, starting with opening hours and ending with unforeseen crises that demand your attention whenever they happen.

I admire restaurateurs for their gumption, their commitment, their love of food, people and good experiences. It takes a special kind of person to run a restaurant and I have had the pleasure of knowing a few.

The other day I chat with someone who owns a favorite place of mine in Freiburg. She smiled that special kind of smile that only someone who loves what she does can do.

“I don’t need an extended vacation,” she glowed. “I’d prefer to live a life that is relaxing instead of running until I drop, then picking up the pieces on the edge of some ocean during a lengthy holiday.”

To me that is as slow as you can get. Don’t run. Walk. Pace yourself. Love what you do. And you will see that your life is simply beautiful.

The last time I had seen her was New Year’s Day. At her restaurant. Wearing that grin while I wore the traces of a very, very fun night the evening before.

The lesson she taught me was to treat your life as the gift that it is. Choose how you spend your time wisely — and with whom. Enjoy what you do and love others while you do it.

Then watch how good life can be — right where you are.


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