For the Love of Creation

Nature, that juicy piece of the world that teaches us so much.

A tree stands tall through storms and sunshine. A flower unfolds simply for the beauty of itself. A bird sings because it can.

Everything in Nature is precoded. A blade of grass doesn’t ask itself what it is doing here.

It seems only human beings, saddled with consciousness — or a lack thereof — spin in their orbits through it all without really knowing what they are doing at all.

We think we do. At least, some of the time. But how often do we get wrapped up in our own needs, expectations and yearnings without seeing the Big Picture? Time and again we forget what really governs our lives: natural law. We think we are masters of the Universe and yet it is the Universe that holds our existence in the palm of its hand.

Yielding to our own evolution can be scary because our minds are set on certain things. We have an image that is often in direct conflict with that broader universal vision. And we feel bereft, left to our own devices to carry on in the face of what’s really happening.

The woods are a place of solace and great wisdom. They remind us that our virtual world of digital devices is just that — virtual. What we call “the real world” isn’t that real at all.

Data transfer can’t replace real living, which can be most easily found in the thickness of the forest.

Welcome a piece of that creation into your life. It can be so very grounding. Hug a tree. Walk barefoot through the grass. Kiss the sky. And remember: we are all united no matter where we are in the world. The Internet has proven that.

Spending some of your precious time on this Earth outdoors can prove that too.



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