That Special Kind of Crazy

If there is one thing I’ve learned as a creative professional, you must always nurture your special kind of crazy.

I deal with business people. A lot. The ones who have been successful have never conformed. They’ve danced outside of the box – and sometimes danced outside of time — to create new things. I get a kick out of tapping into their crazy just as much as I do tapping into my own.

New things can’t come from old things. They can only come from that deepest part of ourselves, like Middle Earth, that is always burbling with energy. If we put a cap on that place, we will never access our fullest potential. And we will be doomed to doing what everybody else does.

That’s like signing your crazy’s death certificate.

A sad thought indeed.

Being a little crazy fosters creativity. Laughter keeps it loose. Being dead serious is a sure-fire way to clamp down on that uniqueness.

Dangle from a limb every once in a while. See what happens. Imagine what life would resemble if everyone lived out their creativity, like a life-long series of Burning Man moments.

Surround yourself with people who spark up your joy, but know that your joy always comes from within. In fact, if you show your inner joy every day, your crazy will shine through too. And it may just set off a new kind of revolution by engaging others in their special kind of crazy too.

I see it. Do you?


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