Overcoming SADness

The sky is dripping with rain against a murky grayish backdrop. The trees have put down their blinds, standing stoically dormant outside my office window. The Christmas music singing merrily in the background seems oddly out of place. Mirth and cheer? At this time of year? Meteorologically speaking, it is cold. And dark. And hard to concentrate.

For those of you affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD, a disorder stemming from light deprivation that leads to depression), I offer you words of encouragement.

Photo credit: Dawid Sobolewski

It’s only a matter of days before the longest night of the year has come and gone. And even as I write these lines, the sun has come out, proving that even the darkest of moments is followed by the light.

Self-care is essential when we are feeling weak. Whether it is the time of the year or the time in our lives that brings forth challenges, we shall overcome.

With hot water bottles.

With homemade ginger tea.

With friends.

With time.

With kindness. Directed toward ourselves in moments of deep despair.

Because, really? The alternative is even less palpable. Stewing in the pot of victimhood is a dead end. And we are really much stronger than that. There are indeed ways to manage SAD.

  • Devour the sun by eating vitamin-rich foods.
  • Get outside as much as possible. Even if it’s cold and grey, the sun is a tough cookie and will reach you, even behind the clouds.
  • Rest.
  • Take Vitamin D supplements to replace what the missing light would normally help your body create.
  • Listen to upbeat music (even Christmas carols, if that’s your thing. Mirth is contagious.).
  • Laugh. It feels so good!
  • Hang out with people who make you feel special. Because you are. There is only one you.

Even if it is dark outside, you can still shine your light. And light shared is amplified goodness. It’s like a hug, You can’t give one without getting one back. I am with you on this one. I really am.




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