The year is ending. A new page will turn tomorrow. A new number to remember when we date letters, checks or memories.

We ascribe meaning to the flip of the calendar. It gives us a sense of renewal, of hope to do things differently. To improve our lives and those of our loved ones. To reestablish relationships or to commit to a better way of life. It is an admirable time of year with a heightened sense of expectation that renewal stands before us.

Photo courstey of Jan Tinneberg/Unsplash

The truth is we have a chance to feel our life’s purpose at any given moment. Whether it is December 31st or June 10th. Or any day from now until the end of our days. No matter the challenges we face, we are here on this Earth for a reason.

During my travels through time and space, I have recognized how powerful choice can be. We can choose to live each and every day with a sense of hope or a sense of despair. It begins and ends with each of us.

As I hugged my love goodbye today, he smiled widely, reminding me that tomorrow is another day. And that some things never change. Like the love we share and the sun’s bright light. The connection between souls keeps us from getting off track. No matter how rough the waters, love endures. We all have the ability to believe in love’s strength. Or to listen to the tiny monsters in our heads.

2019 is what we will call tomorrow. Today, however, is all we ever have.

Slow blessings to you as you bring closure to this year. May joy unfurl in your world with immeasurable beauty.

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