Slow Food in Bavaria

I make a lousy tourist. For one thing I’d prefer to talk to the countrymen of the place I’m visiting than my fellow tourists with cameras strapped around their necks. My dad and his wife are visiting, and I’m finding I’m a much better tour […]

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Just Another Hour…

The phone jangled me awake this morning. I decided to sleep in after a massive headache told me I’d better. The good news is my headache was gone by the time my friend called an hour later. She was calling to tell me she had read about a […]

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Soap Opera Slowness

I admit I used to watch Young and the Restless religiously. It was the only soap I followed and, with some irony, I was invited to an awards’ ceremony in Las Vegas last year. The host was Melody Thomas Scott, the actor who has played […]

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Slow going

If you have ever tried something new, you know how slow going it can be. That is perhaps one reason why we procrastinate. Vacuuming the home office floor is ultimately more appealing than facing our inner demons. That’s when you create a plan in your […]

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