…and Action!

Multitasking is a nightmare for anyone who loves her concentration. Maybe it has something to do with my getting older, but I really like to do one thing well rather than try to do three things at once with less regard for the outcome. Today […]

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The Brain Rules

John Medina, author of Brain Rules, is utterly brilliant. Take a look at one of his videos on multitasking and why talking on your cell phone while driving is not a good idea.

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Productivity does not equal personal success

In the seventh of a series on work-life balance, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to Stever Robbins, a veteran of nine high-growth startup companies and adviser to several more, former IT project manager and current author of yet another forthcoming book. Called the GetItDoneGuy, Stever […]

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Balance isn’t everything

Today is the fourth in a series of conversations with work-life balance experts. A self-proclaimed ‘anti-balance expert,’ Michelle Nichols, owner of HugYourKidsToday.com and author of a book of the same name, shares her views on today’s economic crisis and living with your priorities in order. Michelle […]

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