Supertasking ~ Mutant or Milestone?

Many thanks to my dear friend, Kate Rander, for pointing out a recent article in Time magazine entitled “Supertaskers: Why Some Can Do Two Things at Once“. After reading Alice Park’s piece, I went to the primary source, as I am always curious about what […]

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The Beast of Multitasking

The trader nervously tapped his pen on his desk as he viewed three monitors seemingly at once. Driven by his own ambition, he attempted to absorb the thousands of data points coming at him every day, until his mind became so jumbled that he made […]

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Multitasking Madness

Just because you’re educated, doesn’t mean you’re smart. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the higher your education level, the higher the risk associated with cell phone use and text messaging while driving. In fact, in Matt Richtel’s New York Times article “Driver […]

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The Death of Multitasking

Information overload is no longer just a symptom. It is the disease itself. I tried to skype a friend recently. Her landline and cell phone were ringing in both her ears simultaneously. She placed her hands to both sides to block out the noise (it […]

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