What is productivity anyway?

Productivity is a term with deep implications in Western society. If we obtain it, we are considered successful. If we don’t, we are not. While writing my book, The Power of Slow, I examined why we do the things we do such as obsessive email checking […]

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Full Stop

Britt Bravo wrote a brilliant post about her need for a slow holiday. I couldn’t agree more. So hop on over to her page because, truly, she says it all. Happy Holidays everyone! I’ll see you in the New Year!

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A Trend Towards More Free Time?

A recent survey released by Travel Ticker, a Web site that scours the Internet for the best travel deals, reveals that 32 percent of respondents claimed they will be travelling more for leisure in 2010 because they have “more free time”. Admittedly, of those citing […]

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The Winter of Rest

Oh rest ye merry gentlemen… Our house is bursting with holiday cheer. The naked Christmas tree is about to be adorned with every bulb we’ve ever owned , not to mention all the holiday trinkets my mom has managed to send us over the years. […]

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Entering the Zone

You have heard of the ‘Zone’. It is the special place where athletes dwell when they are living their flow. It is a place of such joy that, once there, the dweller wishes to return again and again. Is it possible for anyone to experience […]

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Yearning for the Asynchronous

Remember the days of catalogue shopping? You’d wait weeks after sending in your order form for the doll furniture you just knew would be perfect for your doll house. Or that special holiday dress from Sears  you could get nowhere else? Anticipation was a part […]

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