The Generous Entrepreneur

I come from a family of merchants. Growing up, I would hear stories about my grandparents’ Benjamin Franklin Five and Dime store and how the holidays were the hardest on my grandfather. He sold toys and paper products and candy bars to the locals. Day […]

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Small Steps, Big Dreams

The Internet has made our lives seemingly instantaneous. Thinking about buying a pair of rain boots? Violà! A newsletter catches your eye to simplify your purchase decision. Want to watch that movie you remember from the early ´90s? Amazon’s instant video makes it possible. Our […]

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The Fitness Habit

A reporter recently asked how to shave 30 minutes off your day to exercise. It seemed like a good idea to figure out how people generally spend their time and where they might find a few minutes here or there to squeeze in a fitness […]

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The Story of an Orchid

Sometimes we must die to be born again. Even the most fragile of us can be resurrected. It just takes the right conditions. This past June my orchid languished in record temperatures while I lounged in the French sun. It wasn’t fair. It was careless. […]

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The Curative Nature of Kindness

“You may be sorry that you spoke, sorry you stayed or went, sorry you won or lost, sorry so much was spent. But as you go through life, you’ll find — you’re never sorry you were kind.” — Herbert V. Prochnow Kindness has its own special […]

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So close and yet so far

Blind spots switch the light to dim, if not dark. Blockages keep us stuck. Mental hinderances prevent us from moving forward. Opening the floodgates to our inner potential isn’t easy, especially if we don’t even know what our potential is. We may have a vague […]

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The Long Road to the Fast Track

Sometimes we have to take the long way around things to get results faster. I know that sounds crazy and perhaps you have a better way than I do. All I know is intuition is my guide and has led me to unimaginable places. You […]

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The Mega Effect of a Mini-Timeout

If you think of life as a marathon race, it becomes clear that sprinting is only something you can do for a limited amount of time. For the most part, it’s about pounding the pavement, one step at a time. Sometimes we pick up the pace […]

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Going slow doesn’t mean you live risk-free. In fact, it can be pretty risky to walk at the pace of your own heartbeat. Think about the autobahn. Your fast might be someone else’s slow (in Germany that is often the case. I have a two-seater, […]

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