The Chain of Events

Do you believe in chance? You know, those ‘chance meetings’ or events that sculpt our lives in unforseeable ways?

I like to think of such things as fortune.

Life is an unfolding mystery, yet it seems as if it is scripted in some ways too.  Some people believe past lives inform our current ones. For the longest time I didn’t understand that, but life has taught me that there is something to be said about karma and our connection with others.

Just today I was passing by a café that I visited a few years back. I was reminded of a ‘chance’ moment in which I picked up a newspaper and read a feature article about a local filmmaker. Long fascinated by the movie-making process, I read the article with great interest. Then four months later I happened to pass by a movie theater that was playing that particular movie for the very last time. The show was to start in 15 minutes so I grabbed a ticket and watched it.

And then, by chance, I noticed the credits and the name of a local TV and film casting agency, which I googled when I got home. I added my profile to their Web site and started a new phase of my life behind and in front of the camera.

All because I stopped for a coffee that fall.

One nudge in a certain direction can change everything.

And that’s a very good thing.

We can look at many moments in our lives in which we meet perfect strangers who give us a nugget of wisdom (trains are great for that!) that further us in our journey. It is a part of the secret that is slowly revealed to us all.

If you doubt that your life is informed by a chain of events, look closer and you will see everything happens for a reason.

It’s your fortune. It’s your life. It’s your time.

May you be blessed on your journey, wherever it leads you.


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