A Benediction to Life

We all touch people’s lives in mysterious ways. Sometimes we aren’t aware of the effect someone has had on us until they are gone.

Today I learned that a person rather close to me at one time had passed away.  We met each other at a point when we were both at a crossroads in our lives. From him I learned courage and took strength from the way he managed the difficult decisions he faced. I helped him through the physical loss of his best friend. He helped me through the emotional loss of mine.

Even though we hadn’t seen each other in twenty-five years, I was moved to tears when I learned he had died. No matter how much time passes, the experiences we share with people tie us together forever.

It’s a beautiful thing.

When people we love die, we experience an unimaginable grief. But what have we really lost? That person’s personal bank account of time had been depleted. It’s a hard concept to comprehend, but the good news is we still have the memories of those people who touched us so profoundly. They shaped us. Became a part of our DNA. Maybe they rocked our world or merely caressed it for a moment. No matter what role they played, they fulfilled a necessary part of who we are today.

The depth of our influence is often only felt much later in life. It is hard to remain in awareness of all things at all times. We sometimes slip into complacency, assuming the people in our lives will be there forever.

And then they are gone.

After the tears had faded, I realized my friend is dancing with his best friend on a cloud somewhere now. I said a prayer to life and to the beyond where he now stands.

May we bless each other with love, forgive the wrongs and celebrate all that is right with our world.

You enrich my life simply by sharing this moment with me now.

Thank you.


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