Timeless Traveler

Death is not something we like to talk about. At least not in Western culture. It reminds us of endings, of our finite existence, our impermanence of being. It brings up feelings of abandonment and fear. And yet each one of us goes this way. […]

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Farewell, My Prince

Words. They frame meaning. They help us get through things. They give us ways to express thoughts and feelings. Today I woke up in a foul mood for no particular reason. Then I discovered my beloved Prince had died at the age of 57 (thanks, […]

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A Benediction to Life

We all touch people’s lives in mysterious ways. Sometimes we aren’t aware of the effect someone has had on us until they are gone. Today I learned that a person rather close to me at one time had passed away. ¬†We met each other at […]

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How to Deal with Loss

R.I.P. Speedy The passing of life’s breath into stillstand is never an easy thing. We got home to discover our pet guinea pig, Speedy, had passed away. She was still warm so we knew it must have happened within the hour or so before our […]

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