A Wish Come True

Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it!

The Universe works in mysterious ways. We spend so much of our time wishing this thing or that, all the while we are sending off messages to that Universal Power that aligns every time with our desires. Then we wonder why we get what we do, forgetting that we got exactly what we ordered. Maybe it’s because we didn’t realize what we were actually saying.

I’ve been told that the Universe does not hear the word ‘not’. So if you adamant about what you do NOT want, you will get exactly that. It goes along with the law of resistence. The more you resist things, the more they come scampering back into your life. It is only when you truly let go and accept that which is happening that the energy can flow again.

A friend recently posted the saying of an Indian sage on Facebook. He says that only when we accept, instead of expect, are we truly capable of joy.

Expectations are the source of much suffering.

Bliss resides in the acceptance of all things. That does not mean you have to be passive or resigned. Not at all! Embrace every possibility, breathe life into your dreams, wish upon a star.

Just remember that you always get that which you seek. And if you are wondering why you are not getting what you think you want, consider how you are asking for it. My guess is you are getting exactly what you put out there. It might just not be in the form you thought.

Seek the gifts. They are sometimes buried beneath the surface, but they are there for you to discover them. Everything you need is right there.

All in good time, my dear friends. All in good time.


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