Dare to Dream

“Look for the good things to come…and they will.”

I posted that on Facebook yesterday. A great friend of mine from California quickly reminded me that those good things have already happened. It’s simply our job to remember them.

Calling forth good things is really like recalling a memory from your distant past. Remembering what it feels like to experience positive moments brings them back to you.

If you set an intention, the mysteries of the Universe will support you. Think of it like looking through your purse or your drawers for that favorite pen. The more frustrated and angry you get at not being able to find the pen, the more elusive the pen becomes. But the moment you release the expectation that the pen should show up exactly as you want it, it appears.

Anger, envy and jealousy chase dreams away. Love brings them closer.

Today I am travelling to Linz, Austria, to live out a dream come true. About four years ago I set the intention of becoming a TedX speaker. Tomorrow I will be one.

Dare to dream, my friends. Dream big. Nothing can stop you.

All you have to do is remember.


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