What a Waste of Time

Wasting time is something we all do every now and then. Idling about is not a bad thing, if it means you are taking a mini-time out. But wasting time can also be a sign that you are simply bored with your life, your job […]

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The Wicked Winds of March

March can be a cruel month. The snow melts, the sun beams, the flowers peek their noses above the earth’s surface. And then, just when you least expect it, a snowstorm pelts you back into winter again. Life can be like that too. Setbacks are […]

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Reclaim Your Power

The concept of overcaring is new to me. A good friend in California suggested that perhaps I have a tendency to overcommit myself to projects, people and places without the balance to maintain a level of harmony to sustain those commitments. He is right. It […]

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Shelf It

The state of my office reflects my state of mind. If things are bursting at the seams, so am I. Have you ever noticed when your desk is a mess you feel out of sorts too? You might not pick up on your sense of […]

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The Last Time

When was the last time you heard the rain fall onto dead leaves? Or the near silent descent of snow tumbling from the sky? When was the last time you rode in a car without sound ~ without music or the persistent drone of your […]

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Better Days

Bruce Springsteen sings of them. So do the Goo Goo Dolls. But the best lyrics I’ve heard recently about better days is a line in Dave Matthews’ Song, “Cry Freedom.” “The future is no place/to place your better days.” Better days refer to better times. […]

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The Choice is Yours

I’m going to tell you a secret. Life is based on choice. Every bit of it. Whether you choose to wear white or gold or red or blue; whether you choose to react this way or that; whether you choose pancakes and sausage or fruit […]

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Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

Imagine taking an entire day off. No cell phone. No one calling your name. No computer. No client calls. No children begging for ice cream. Just you, yourself, and, well, YOU! Yesterday I declared a sabbatical from my every day life and headed for the […]

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