The Last Time

When was the last time you heard the rain fall onto dead leaves? Or the near silent descent of snow tumbling from the sky? When was the last time you rode in a car without sound ~ without music or the persistent drone of your […]

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Step by Step

The afternoon flew by, thanks to my friend, Tanja Bruch, who kept me company on a soap opera set while I worked as an extras wrangler. In between takes there is always a flurry of activity, but because each scene takes about an hour, I […]

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One Word at a Time

Several years ago I attended a seminar near Amsterdam. I set out to answer what was next in my life. After a full day of Dutch and English discussion, I was no wiser about what I wanted than when the day began. Or so I […]

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Creators of the Storyline

The life of a writer can be extremely isolating, insular, yet vast and full. We think, we observe, we hear, we write. We live off the hope that a reader’s life will be changed by what we say. Stories live inside our heads, begging to […]

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Holiday Slow

Three minutes of CNN cured me for life. The American reporter stood with her microphone amongst the busy shoppers, reporting for the thirteenth hour in a marathon run for the best deals in town. The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday in the […]

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Right Time, Right Place

Timing is everything. Try as we might, we can’t force things into being that just won’t happen. Nor can we stop the tides, although we might wish to do that too. What we can do is influence the direction of our lives by recognizing our […]

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The Keeper of the Keys

A sure-fire sign that life has gotten overwhelming is the moment I’ve misplaced my keys. I call it the misplaced key syndrome. It’s a telltale sign that something is askew in my rhythm. This week I lost my keys twice within the matter of an […]

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The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz rocks. He’s shamanic. He’s magical. He is oh-so-wise. In a book entitled The Four Agreements, Ruiz outlines ancient Toltec wisdom in doable steps that anyone can follow. In thinking about his wise words recently, I realized you could look at his agreements […]

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Trust the Process

When people ask me how I managed to survive writing a book about Slow, I often say it was as if the messages were being delivered by angels’ hands. I was so attuned to the subject matter, the book literally wrote itself. I merely was […]

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