Join the Smiling Turtle

What’s today? Not just Pearl Harbor Day. No, no! Today is the day you can join me, Shirley MacLaine, my smiling turtle and many others to receive a ton of bonus prizes when you purchase a copy of The Power of Slow. Who is the […]

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Mridu’s Snail Tales

Starting the day off with a giggle is a great thing to do! Actually, my day started off with a slow wake-up (Germany played its first World Cup soccer match so brilliantly, we couldn’t get to sleep until well past bedtime), then the usual breakfast […]

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Boredom births Beauty

Ask any kid who’s run out of ideas the second week into vacation, and you’ll see boredom written all over his face. My son took on the typical “I’m-not-leaving-your-office-until-I-am-no-longer-bored’ stance, thrusting his entire frame onto an empty office chair and wheeling around in circles. “I’m […]

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Unslow days viewed slowly

I had anything but a slow day. The difference this time was I noticed as my day unfolded how unslow it felt. Instead of immediately getting wrapped up in the frenzy, I took things as they came, and made room for a twenty-minute power walk […]

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Slow going

If you have ever tried something new, you know how slow going it can be. That is perhaps one reason why we procrastinate. Vacuuming the home office floor is ultimately more appealing than facing our inner demons. That’s when you create a plan in your […]

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Slow Process of Becoming

Univision interviewed me for an upcoming piece on stay-at-home moms. I was reminded of the process I went through when pregnant with my first child.  Ever since I was little, I had wanted to become a writer. Raise an eyebrow through the written word? I […]

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