Friday – In Pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words. And because my super-duper webmaster finally fixed the bug that made my blog sick (and pictureless), I am honoring his efforts by posting a few of my favorite snapshots today. Enjoy the view! I gave my best friend this […]

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Your Secret Place

The holiday season is meant to be a basket of joy, but I am getting the sense that many people are more on edge than usual. On those days when life gets out of hand, expectations mount and stress spills into your bloodstream, it is […]

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Beauty in the Strangest Places

Forget the Fountain of Youth. According to Franz Kafka, “[a]nyone who keeps the ability to see beauty in every age of life really never grows old.” If we look about us, we can find beauty everywhere ~ in the gentle lilting fluff of a six-month-old […]

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Dance Between the Raindrops

Yesterday I got caught in two rainstorms. In my old, pre-Slow life, I may have found that to be problematic at best. But now I take it, take it all, with a blissful acceptance that everything is meant to be. And to be offered an […]

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Living at the Pace of a Deep Breath

Summer invites Slow Living: the warmth, the cadence of the ocean waves, the sparkle of the water as you devour your favorite dish. It gives school children pause before entering the next grade; it gives adults an excuse to stand still for a moment. The […]

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In Deep Water

Cruising along the Danube from Linz to Passau with the top down and my spirits high, I realized how tenuous life can be. Just a few weeks prior to that moment, the entire road I was driving had been covered in several tons of water. […]

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Hope Never Dies

Spring’s first day is a treasured one in my heart. It is the promise of renewal, of new beginnings, of the ending of winter and of the coming of Nature’s bountiful hues. On the heels of winter’s silence comes the orchestra of the song bird, […]

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I’ve Got a Funny Feelin’

Whenever I hear the word “impossible,” I hear “I’m possible.” Yeah, I’m built that way. Some people may claim it’s impossible to hug the wind, for instance. I say open your arms and let it hug you. In doing so, you will create a mutual […]

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You Are Not Alone

Do you ever feel isolated, alone, not connected with anyone or anything? Then look at your hands. See what they do. They reach. They move. They write. ¬†They create. Do ever think you aren’t a part of something greater than yourself? Then look at your […]

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